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We are a community group campaigning for the reinstatement of the missing rail link between Stratford Upon Avon and Honeybourne on the Oxford to Worcester line.

Stratford Upon Avon is a world famous tourist destination, once well connected it now has a poor rail link to the national network. Its rail services have been allowed to decline, leaving little option but the private car to reach its attractions.

This situation need not be the end of the story, it is just 6 miles of railway that is missing, most of the old trackbed is still in place. Join the campaign to see a 21st century transport link reinstated!


The site is currently being developed, please visit again for further news.

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The Missing Link
The missing 6 miles between Stratford Upon Avon and Long Marston. Reinstatement would open through routes to Worcester and the south west, and Oxford and the Thames valley.